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A Belleville washer is a type of disc spring that is used to tighten nut and bolt connections like, for example, a bus bar.

But of course, the bus bar isn’t the only thing where a Belleville application might be used. Anything that requires a tight connection needs a disc spring. You can use one unit or you can use two or more. You can stack them parallel to each other or use them in a series opposite each other.

Whether you stack or use in a series depends mainly on your goal. If you want to increase the load on the joint, you stack. But if you want to increase the capacity for deflection, then you use them in a series.

Of course, if you are like most people, you don’t need to know the details – general information is enough.

Washers, in general, can only do so much. If the work being reinforced is made with poor workmanship, you can’t expect it to last with increasing load and/or movement. That said, no matter what you do, always make sure that the workmanship is excellent first and foremost.

belleville washer

Where can you buy Belleville washers? You will find them at different online stores. You will find many manufacturers that offer more or less the same thing. No matter what you do, only buy those that are made of 300 stainless steel. Why? Because they are highly-resistant to corrosion. Also, they are slightly magnetic and are recommended for applications below 260 degrees Celsius.

But if you need industrial-strength washers, find manufacturers that make passivated washers. Passivated just means contaminants have been removed during the manufacturing process so that the washer becomes even more resistant to corrosion. That is something anyone will need.