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I had always wanted to buy a tanning bed and I came across a really great deal on one. I know tanning is not that great for your skin when it’s done excessively, but I know that it can benefit you in lots of ways when done in moderation. I don’t tan that often, but do like to lay in one at least a few times a week. After seeing the price on this tanning bed, I knew I would be able to save money by getting my own. The only problem with this was that I would need to find a Lewisville electrician to hire to install a new outlet for me that would work with the tanning bed.

I went online and I searched to see if I could find a Lewisville electrician that could install one of these outlets without charging me too much. I found a few reviews on these different electricians and decided to give them a call to see what they could tell me over the phone.

I talked to several different electricians and explained that I needed a new 220V outlet installed. I was able to get some quotes on prices from different ones and they were all about the same. I decided to ask my friends on Facebook because I didn’t want to hire just any one of them for the job.

I posted a question asking which electrician is the best one to install a 220V outlet. I got lots of information from my friends and even had a friend that told me he could install it for me. However I wasn’t sure that I was comfortable with that and wanted to hire someone that was certified for the job in case something went wrong. I took the information I gathered on Facebook and was able to easily decide which electrician to hire for the job. I called them on the phone and made an appointment for the outlet to be installed.

In the meantime, I was able to get the tanning bed into my home and in the room I wanted it in. I hoped the electrician wouldn’t have too much difficulty installing the outlet in this room. I couldn’t wait for my appointment.

This electrician did a great job installing the outlet and it didn’t take long before my new tanning bed was up and running.