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For many years parents with several children have taken advantage of the huge space-saving benefits of bunk beds. You basically get two beds in the same floor space as one bed. However, nowadays lots of couples are cutting down on the number of children they have so the need for additional beds has been minimized. On the other hand, they can use the same principle of having the upper bed, called a loft bed, and putting a desk underneath to save space. A loft bed with desk is the new fun thing to do for your child, plus they save space and look good too.

There Are Many Options For Loft Beds

With a quick internet search, it’s easy to find thousands of images online of the various options when building a loft bed. Underneath, there are plenty of ideas including adding a study desk, playhouse, or even mini beauty salon for a young girl. Since it would normally be wasted space with a regular bed, it’s a bonus that can be used in many different ways.

Another great idea, rather than having a loft bed with desk, is to put loads of storage on the bottom level. There are tons of great ideas for making dressers, shelves, and shoe storage compartments underneath the loft bed to help organize all of a child’s belongings.

It’s also possible, in many instances to put a small desk, some storage, and still have room to spare. One example is if you build a stairway on one end of the bed, then you can put drawers and cubby holes inside the individual stairs. This has the effect of expanding the lower portion under the bed making more space to store things.

Finding The Design You Want Is Easy

If you’re not quite sure which exact design would be right for you, there are literally thousands of photos online for you to browse through. Plus, you don’t necessarily have to stick to just one exact design. You can pick a loft bed that you like and then choose various other designs for desks, play areas, aquarium stands, storage or other uses for the area below the bed.

If you’re tight on space, the loft bed is a great way to take advantage of the vertical space in a bedroom. Not only are they great looking, but kids really like sleeping up high, and the space below will always be handy as well.