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As with all careers, being an architect has various benefits and drawbacks. While there are some features that are similar to other careers, there are also others specific to being an architect. This article will discuss the different advantages and disadvantages to being architects Guernsey.

What Are The Advantages To Being An Architect?

1. A Creative And Interesting Profession

Despite being a highly demanding profession, being an architect can be an interesting and creative one. As architects Guernsey gain more experience, they become involved in more design work instead of spending time on routine technical tasks with construction documents.

2. Not A Boring Career

Based on the various tasks demanded of architects, no project is similar to the one that came before it. Moreover, an architect will constantly need to handle issues regarding the project, such as meeting with the contractors and clients, looking at contractor quotes, drafting project plans, and identifying the last-minute details or requests for clients.

3. Very Little Math Is Required

Despite the fact that many architectural schools require their applicants to have heavy math knowledge, many architects agree that very little math is utilized in the daily architect projects or routines. Any task that requires a more advanced level of math, such as calculus, is typically handled by specialists or engineers involved in the project. The ideal architect does not need advanced math skills, but rather a general overall intelligence with good drawing skills, a curious nature, strong speaking skills and excellent listening skills.

4. Architecture Is Passion

The majority of architects work in this career field not for the salary, but rather because they have a passion for architecture and the passion makes it worth their time. Most of these professionals work with below-average pay, but architects understand that they are offering a valuable service to their clients – particularly when a client appreciates the finished project. Of course, the pay does increase as you gain experience and can be lucrative once you reach the higher rungs of the architecture ladder.

What Are The Disadvantages To Being An Architect?

1. It Takes A Long Time To Qualify

To become an architect can be a long, expensive and tiresome procedure. The Bachelor of Architecture typically takes five years, plus a further two to four years to earn a Master’s degree. While the admission requirements vary based on the school, the more reputable architecture schools have high standards with emphasis on geometry, trigonometry, algebra and the physical sciences. After academic education, it is required to complete a three-year internship which can involve low pay for long hours. Finally, aspiring architects need to pass the Architect Registration Examination to become licensed as a professional architect.

2. A Challenging And Demanding Job

While challenges can be exciting in work, Guernsey architects can find themselves facing a tremendous range of challenges on different projects. It is common for architects to spend twice the amount of time working on the project as it takes to build the structure. Furthermore, architects will need to carry large amounts of insurance as protection in case the project does not meet client’s requirements or problems occur.