Oak Extensions Shropshire

Oak Extensions

Oak is a type of tree that has acorns as fruit and lobed deciduous leaves. This type of tree is an excellent supplier of wood, as it is hard and durable, it can even be used to build floors, frames, and many other construction projects. But this time we will talk about the famous oak extensions Shropshire.

Extending your home is a great decision and it will take time and dedication, but in the end, it will be a good experience that will leave you excellent results if you do it with the right people. And this time if you live in Shropshire it will be an advantage to have our services. Having an Oak expansion in Shropshire (and any place) will not only add additional and enjoyable space to your home, but it will also add value.

Choosing to build an oak extension can bring you many long-term and short-term benefits.


•They do not take a long time of construction but yes of planning.

•It can be used to add any style to your home because it is extremely flexible in that regard. You can have extensions that look like granaries or an oak frame solarium; it will depend on your tastes or the style that best suits your home.

•The extensions framed in oak add additional value to your property. Although the prices vary, here at green frames we offer comfortable prices, which do not stop being an acquisition in the form of long-term investment. So if you decide to resell your house, this extension will be a point in favor.

Oak extension types

Among the types of oak extensions, we get the following

-Oak framed garden and orange rooms: The rooms of garden or garden framed in oak is one of the most beautiful and useful ways to expand the home. They are perfect in any climate, especially the Shropshire climate.

-Oak porches: It is one of the most common uses, it is super important to have a nice entrance to surprise your visitors. An oak porch will bring freshness and originality to your home.

-Framed Oak Garages And Ports Of Automobiles: This type of extension will offer character to your property besides that it has impressive durability.

-Oak pergolas: this is the perfect acquisition for your garden and a beautiful visual point for free space. The pergolas add height and elegance to any natural space in your home, besides being the perfect space for recreation.

Having an extension is a decision with a hundred percent good things, especially if it is an oak extension here in Shropshire. Do not hesitate to acquire one.