Windshielf Replacement

We had a really bad storm that had hail and it was the size of golf balls. When we had the storm, lots of people had their cars damaged. There were many people that had dents from the hail and windshields that were cracked because of it. Unfortunately, I was one of those people. Luckily, I had full coverage insurance since I had a loan on my car. I called my insurance company to find out about getting my cracked windshield replaced from the hail damage from the storm. I didn’t have many dents or dings on my car from the hail and I was more concerned about the windshield since it was cracked and I couldn’t drive it. The insurance company told me that I would need to find a windshielf replacement service Plano TX has to replace my windshield for me. They gave me the names of a few of them.

I called one of the windshielf replacement service Plano TX area had and asked them some questions like how long it would be before they could replace my windshield for me. They said they were really busy because of this storm, but said they could replace mine in a few days. They told me they could even come to me to replace my windshield for me. I decided to hire them and made an appointment with them. The insurance company told me I would need to write a check and pay them for the work, then once I send them a receipt for the work, they would be able to reimburse me for the costs.

While waiting on the company to install my windshield, I borrowed a car from my mom. She didn’t use it and I thought it would be easier than getting a rental car. The company was able to come and replace my windshield while my car was sitting in my driveway. They called me when they arrived since I was at work and I left so I could go pay them. They were done with the windshield by the time I got there. I was shocked at how quickly they were able to replace it for me. I paid them and got the receipt so I could send it to the insurance company and was quickly reimbursed by them with a check in the mail the following week.