Moving Companies Charlotte NC

Finding the best moving company is the first hurdle that you need to overcome when relocating. There are many moving companies Charlotte NC that you can choose from, but how do you pick the right one? Here are a few tips that can help you out:

Ask for referrals

Do you have a friend, relative, or coworker that has recently relocated? If so, ask which moving company they hired and what they can say about the service. In this way, you get more unbiased feedback, which should help you narrow down your choices.

Check for licensing and insurance

A company that has licensing and insurance is a guarantee that your belongings are not put at risk. Check for DOT licensing and insurance information on the moving company’s website. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask the company for proof in person.

Inquire with at least three companies

Ask at least three of the best companies you can find to provide you with an estimate. The estimator should go to your house and see what stuff you have to move. If they give you an estimate over the phone or provide a suspiciously low value, be wary.

Read previous clients’ feedback

Look for reviews about the company online to see what previous clients are saying about them, both complaints and positive reviews. You can also check out Better Business Bureau (BBB) to research the company’s track record. Make sure you choose a company that has at least a good rating on BBB.

Avoid companies that ask for a huge deposit

If a moving company asks for an unusually large deposit, be wary. Most companies won’t even require a deposit, but if they do, it won’t exceed 20% of the total cost of the service. It is recommended not to proceed if you encounter a mover that makes these demands, as they can overcharge you or hold your belongings unlawfully until you pay a larger sum.

Moving is not an easy feat. But with the right moving company, your move can be as hassle- and stress-free as possible. Keep these tips in mind when choosing the right company for your relocation.