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The title reads natural tips for pest control Chesapeake VA residents need to know. That’s what you’re about to find out, but this article is going to focus on one particular pest, spiders. Spiders have their place in the circle of life for sure, but you don’t want them dancing around in your bedroom. Some spiders are rather harmless, but others are poisonous. You want to keep the spiders away, and these natural remedies might help you more than you think.

Spiders do not like salt. In fact, it’s more than just spiders having a disdain for salt. The salt poisons them. What you can do is fill up a spray bottle. They say to spray spiders directly with the salt water, but you’re not always going to see them. That being said, you can spray areas where you know spiders might be.

There are so many people that don’t know about spiders not being able to be around salt. Then there is the coconut oil and vinegar mixture, and you might also want to get some chestnuts. What can you do with chestnuts? You want to crush them up to put them at the places where spiders might enter your home.

pest control Chesapeake VA

The chestnuts aren’t going to harm the spiders, but they are going to keep them away. The spiders are going to go wandering in the other direction once they see the chestnuts. There are certain essential oils that spiders don’t like, too. In fact, there are essential oils that kill spiders.

Lavender and peppermint oil are two examples of essential oils that can kill spiders. Tips point to the fact that you have to actually spray the spiders with the oil. Yet you can imagine that you can use it like the saltwater spray, too.

Much has been talked about in terms of natural solutions to use on spiders. Yet it’s also about natural ways to keep the spiders from looking for you in the first place. You know to keep storage areas clutter free of course.

Anytime you need help with pest control Chesapeake VA exterminators know exactly what to do. Whether it’s to get the spiders out of your home or another pest, they can assess the situation and take action. If you think that the pests are getting a little out of hand, maybe it’s time to make the call. It’s time to get the situation under control.