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Carpet TilesI had really old carpet in my home and I wanted to get something new. I had shopped around online to find out what it would cost to get new carpet in my entire home. I looked in several places and priced the carpet I would need plus installation for the rooms I wanted it in. It seemed a little expensive and really cost more than I wanted to spend to get new carpet.

I searched online to find other ways to get cheap flooring in my home so I could replace the carpeting. I found lots of different ideas from people on different websites online. I found cheap flooring ideas, but they were going to take a good bit of effort. That’s when I came across a blog post about using carpet tiles to replace carpeting in your home. I read some really great things about it like how easy it is to install yourself and how cheap you can get it.

Then I searched for carpet tiles for sale online. I wanted to see what they were priced at. I found some on clearance but they weren’t really what I wanted. That’s when I decided to head to some local stores to check out their selection and prices. My first stop was Lowe’s but their prices were a little high. Next I went to Ollie’s to see what they had there. They had so many different carpet tiles that I liked and their prices were half of what they were online and at Lowe’s. These carpet tiles were peel and stick too and looked really easy to install. I decided to buy the ones I found there because I couldn’t pass that deal up.

I went home that evening and started working on pulling up the carpet that was in my living room. It was fairly easy to pull up and I couldn’t wait to get rid of it. I pulled up all the carpet through the house and started working on getting the carpet tiles put down. They were really easy to install and didn’t take much effort at all. They look really great in my home and I’m glad I found such a great deal on ones that I actually liked. The old carpet had to go and this was a great way to replace it for a low cost.