Gilbert Pest Control

All pest invasions are bad, but the degree of undesirability varies between them. Some are merely minor inconveniences, while some may prompt you to move out of your house. You will want to get rid of these pests as quickly as possible; they are deemed as the most damaging, or the ones most likely to keep you up at night. Call a Gilbert pest control team to take care of this creepy crawlies. 



Wasp stings are quite the horror story, and for this reason, wasps are quite the terror-inducing neighborhood pests. They are territorial to a fault and are so aggressive that they don’t hesitate to sting. When they build nests near your home, then you can be sure they are dangerous because it is easy to seem like a threat to its defenders. 

Pantry Pests

Moths, weevils, and beetles are some of the most common pantry insects. They are not quite a problem if they only eat your food, but often, they also lay their eggs in them. The offspring are the ones doing most of the actual eating. 

Easily accessible food stored in dark and quiet areas attract the attention of these kinds of pests. They like to infest dry food products, such as cereals, pasta, bread, nuts, flour, and more. Some enter your home from the outside, but some latch onto other food containers you bring yourself. Upon placing the infected boxes in your cupboards, you give the pests free access to all your food. 


Termites are the most destructive wood pest in the country, so it is understandable why termites are some of the most hated insects around. Colonies bore and eat through wooden structures, compromising their integrity, causing structural damage, and affects a home’s safety. 

Termites work from the outside in, starting from low-lying or moist wood. They travel through self-created mud tubes and are a telltale sign of termites. Termite-proofing your home is a worthwhile investment to make. 

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are not the most damaging bugs in this list, but they are the most uncomfortable and upsetting, and it does not help that they are prevalent. 

They hide where warm bodies, such as humans and pets, frequent. There are many ways to get rid of them, but you can keep them out through diligence.

These infestations are problematic, but they’re not impossible to rectify. No one would want to feel unwelcome and uncomfortable in their own home, so contact a Gilbert pest control service company to take care of your infestation and extermination needs.